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About the owner, Andy Volkman

Ok, so I admit it; I am a sucker for great brownies. And I live in a fairly remote area of Western Colorado. So it didn't take me long to discover that, unless you want to bake them yourself, the opportunity to get really great, fresh-tasting brownies is fairly limited.

Homemade brownies = awesome. Web order brownies (prior to F. d'Anconia); eh, not so much. Is it possible nobody really tried to make a great brownie that you could easily order online?

I am also a fan of a great customer experience. And I have seen how “smart” companies learn about you—your likes and dislikes—and use that knowledge to help you have the best shopping experience imaginable online. (Oh, and not violate your personal privacy in doing so.)

In addition, I believe that any company worth supporting with your business has an obligation to give back to society somehow—and in a meaningful way. We all know that brownies aren’t going to change the world—but maybe, in our own small way, a brownie company just might.

So, that’s why I started F. d’Anconia—to raise the bar on “online” retail brownies—to deliver the world’s best customer experience. And to do it all with responsibility to the world we all share.

Share your experience with us on Twitter @FdA_brownies.

Take care …and enjoy the brownies!

Andy Volkmann
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Creation of the Perfect Fudge Brownie

Over my career, I have worked in a wide range of companies… everything from public and private firms, start-ups, multi-billion dollar internationals, and candy companies, to Internet companies such as Netscape and Tellme.

In every experience I have learned the most important factor in any company is to have a great product – something so good that people want to share it with their friends.

About the chef, Marcia Kramer

So, given my love for brownies, I searched for a person who could help design the perfect brownie. That led me to Marcia Kramer, Associate Professor at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, Colorado. Marcia is a rare find in the culinary world—someone with classic training in culinary arts coupled with a healthy desire to make world-class treats more available to the rest of us.

Chef Kramer has worked in the hospitality field for over twenty years, working with top chefs including gold medal Olympian Christian Clayton at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. She joined the faculty of Johnson & Wales University Denver campus in 2001, and maintains an independent cake decorating business.

Together we sampled numerous recipes and ultimately perfected a formula that represents a cross between a fudge brownie and truffle. Then we applied a wide array of unique flavors to this base recipe to come up with a range of favorites that will satisfy any person, office or household.