Qty 1 - Ten Variety: $35.95

Ten-Variety Gourmet Brownies for Corporate Gifts
20 ounce box

30 pieces (1.25" x 1.25"); 20 oz net wt

Some people like a lot of choices, and this is the box for them.

Ten different varieties. Three pieces of each.

Give your business associates the gift of gourmet brownie assortment. Order the Large Box, Ten-Variety selection from F. d’Anconia today and let your clients experience the delicious difference ten luxuriously rich, bite-sized morsels can make in brightening their day and their holiday season. Our corporate holiday gifts are delivered in an attractive, artisanal style, one that perfectly matches the taste and quality of our gourmet brownies.

The Ten-Variety from F. d’Anconia offers the popular and much-adored chocolate flavored favorite, the Traditional Brownie, along with exciting new selections to perhaps savor with a full-bodied Bourdeaux or port wine. For instance, the Walnut Brownie comes chock full of nutty scrumptiousness and anti-oxidant goodness. The Raspberry Brownie blends tart sweetness with chocolate divinity. F. d’Anconia’s Caramel Brownie with its salty sweet flavors is right at home alongside a heap of vanilla ice cream. Take your corporate clients on a tour of Italian cafes with the aromatic and appealing Espresso Brownie. The Peanut Butter Brownie infuses a classic flavor combination with gourmet sensibility. For the pie lover in us all, the Pecan Blondie invokes the favorite dessert with each and every bite. The Cherry Blondie is a light-hearted treat that is far from light on deliciousness. Not sure if your clients’ could choose between brownie and blondie? F. d’Anconia says, ‘Why choose at all!’ Our Brownie Blondie Swirl gives your taste buds the best of both gourmet dessert worlds. Last but certainly not least, the Cookie Brownie luxuriously combines two cherished desserts to create one that couldn’t be any sweeter if we tried.

The Ten-Variety Gourmet Brownies from F. d’Anconia are as distinctive and distinguished as your valued customers, clients, partners, and staff. If you add them to your list of unique corporate gifts, you’ll be sure to make a lasting and exceptionally tasty impression.


The Ten Variety box includes the following flavors: